Pride Poker. The world’s first Video Poker game designed for gay men. Leif of Sweden’s Pride Video Poker was unique to Fruity Bingo. The playing cards are designed by the Swedish artist and illustrator Leif of Sweden.

Multi Hand Jackpot Poker. The first video poker game we designed. Commissioned by PAF.

Full House Joker Poker. A video poker game we designed for the internet as well as land based. Commissioned by PAF.

Jacks or Better. Leif of Sweden’s Jacks or Better. Commissioned by Fruity Bingo. Playing cards designed by the artist Leif of Sweden.

Bonus Poker. Leif of Sweden’s Bonus Poker vas commissioned by Fruity Bingo.

Aces and Faces. Leif of Sweden’s Aces and Faces. Commissioned by Fruity Bingo.

Tens or Better.
Leif of Sweden’s Tens or Better. Commissioned by Fruity Bingo.
Production year: 2007 – 2008