Macau 8 Slot Machine
Macau 8. With its stacked Wild multiplier symbols (2X, 4X and 8X) on reel two, Macau 8 game delivers the player a good chance to experience steady streams of high winnings. The Reels of Macau series interface is specially designed for dedicated gambling in mobile portrait mode. Easy to follow, easy to stake up and down, and an easy to use “Double or Nothing” game. This is part of the comeback of the 3-reel slots.

Double Luck Mobile Slot

Double Luck takes one of the World’s most proven casino slots concepts into to your smartphone. The Reels of Macau series interface is specially designed for dedicated gambling in mobile portrait mode. Easy to follow, easy to stake up and down, and an easy to use “Double or Nothing” game. This is part of the comeback of the 3-reel slot.

Lucky Stones Mobile Slot Asia

Lucky Stones is the first game out in the Reels of Macau series for Asia. They are specially designed for dedicated gambling in mobile portrait mode. Lucky Stones gives you the thrilling ride of a 4 colours game on one line with a special jackpot crown on some of the stones. Easy to follow, easy to stake up and down, and an easy to use “Double or Nothing” game. What works on the casino floor, works on the mobile phone.

Fruits of Monte Carlo. 3 reels slot machine designed for WMS Interactive for the Norwegian bingo market.

Casino King In Norway players like 3-reels and volatility. Casino King is specially designed for the norwegian bingo crowd and the game is in the top five on the bingo sites at Functional Games. Functional Games with its growing bingo network, is our smallest but most cheerful customer.

Ladies Night. Ladies Night was one of two skins commissioned by Maria Bingo for their Aberrant machines.
The theme was determined by Maria Bingo and was at a steady second place for a number of years.

Fruit and Coins. Fruit and Coins is a game where the money rolls in. Maria Bingo ordered two new skins to their Aberrant slots in 2007. One of the games was up to us to develop and design. Who wants to play on a 3-reel with one payline, asked one of the managers. But it turned out that Fruits and coins for many years would top the list of most popular games.

Cash and Carry. The Dreamgirl. In 2005 we were commissioned by PAF to design a game for a female audience. The result was historic. The game is still the most popular game at PAF. Customers claim in interviews that the game is one of their biggest reasons to play at PAF. Some say they dream about the girl in the Cash and Carry. The game still generates a GGR at 119 000 € weekly.

Big Splash. This is one of the first online slot machines designed especially for gay players. The game takes place by then poolside in carefree California. Designed for Fruity Bingo – the world’s gayest gaming site.

Parrot Club. Parrot Club was a profile game for the world’s gayest games site. One thing that is certain, is that you must dare to stand out from the crowd if you want to be noticed. But where should the line be drawn before it becomes stereotyped and prejudiced? We were completely in the hands of our experts around us, and when we at the launch were invited to a gay bar, we found that the reality surpasses the poem. Parrot Club is a 3 reels slot machine with 1 pay line.

Masculine Beuty. Its a 5 reels slot machine with 15 pay lines. Masculine Beuty have different bonusgames for every bet levells. We brought in Swedish artist Leif of Sweden to get the artwork done especially for the game, and to capture the right feel. Masculine Beauty is the first gay online Slot machine in the world, and it was specialy designed for Fruity Bingo.

Fisherman’s Jackpot. The year was 2003. Fisherman’s Jackpot was the first slot machine designed for PAF. The game immediately became a smash hit. Over a decade later, it’s still at the top of their most popular games. The graphics were updated in 2007.

King Vegas. King Vegas is one of Paf’s most popular slot machines and runs three machines in one. All games has its own bonus game, that are also included in a dice based “double or nothing” feature.

Hunters Inn. Using humor as a weapon, we got into a game that has ranked at the top at Paf since 2005. Hunters Inn is a five reel slot machine with two bonus games.

Alpine Aventure. Five reels, nine lines and a bonus game where you choose your favorite skier. Commissioned by Paf.

Beachvolley. Beach volleyball was a profile game for Paf. In august 2007, Paf hosted Paf Open; a race in the Swatch FIVB World Tour. This was celebrated with a castle machine and scratch cards with a beach volley theme.

Nordic Summer. Nordic Summer. A five reel slot machine with two bonus games, designed for the Finnish and Swedish markets. Commissioned by Paf.

Travel the World. A five reel slot machine with one multilayer bonus game. Designed for Paf.

Nordic Vikings. A five reel slot machine, with a multilayer “man to man” bonus game, that takes you to Valhalla, the hall of gods. The game is designed for Paf.

Diamond Digger. Diamond Digger is a three reel, five pay-line slot machine with two bonus games. Production year 2004. Graphics updated in 2007.

Fruit Slot. A three reel, one pay-line slot machine with a horse race “doubled or nothing” function. Production year 2004. Designed for Paf.